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Maji Salama Filter

Removes 99% of illness-causing bacteria
Cleans 4 liters of water per hour

Has a lifespan of 5 years

Dirty Vs Clean Water

Learn more about the benefits of the Maji Salama filter and the technology behind the product
Maji Salama Water Filter Applications
For use in homes, schools, offices, churches, safari companies and more - The Maji Salama filter ensures safe drinking water wherever you go

The Maji Salama filter is currently sold in Arusha, Moshi and Dar Es Salam

The Maji Salama Filter

Meet the Mesiaki Kimireiand the rest of the team at Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa. Find out about the science, design and production behind this life changing product.

The Latest News from Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

Learn how the Maji Salama Filter is changing lives across Tanzania

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa Donates a Ceramic Water Filter to the Kilimanjaro Conservancy

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) wants to help provide safe water to students at Olmolog Vet Primary School in the Siha District. Students at this school have been performing very well academically in recent years thanks to a program run by the Kilimanjaro Conservancy...

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

The history, partnerships and innovation behind SWCEA and the Maji Salama Filter

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